YOWhatsApp APK v9.95 Download (Official) Latest Version 2024

Today, let’s explore YoWhatsApp APK, a fantastic version of the well-known app. We’ll dive into its new features and installation process. So, stay tuned for more details. WhatsApp burst onto the scene with its end-to-end encryption, quickly becoming a favorite for many. Its key features included delivery status and blue ticks, indicating that messages were read. At first, WhatsApp charged for messaging, but it soon became free. However, users wanted more features, leading to the creation of modified versions like YOWhatsApp.

yowhatsapp apk

YoWhatsApp APK

YoWhatsApp is a high-performance modified version of WhatsApp. It’s not on the Play Store, but available for download on third-party websites. Be careful to download the correct YoWhatsApp APK to avoid malware. Hide blue, single, and double ticks to maintain your privacy. Comes with an in-built app lock that protects your data and messages using a password. Unlike the original app, YoWhatsApp lets you send messages to numbers not saved in your contacts. Customize the app’s colors, including icons, text, chats, and layout, to create a personalized interface. Enjoy new emojis and emoticons for more creative and varied expression in your communication. The app supports sending large files, with a limit of up to 700 MB.

NameYoWhatsApp APK
Size71 MB
Requirement4.0 Android
Last Update1 Hour Ago

Features of YoWhatsApp APK

YoWhatsApp APK comes packed with features not found in the original app. Here’s a rundown of what it offers:

  • Supports over 100 languages, including Azerbaijani, for multi-language communication.
  • Block calls from any contact or unsaved number, a feature absent in the original app.
  • Set a personal image as the chat background wallpaper for a visually pleasing experience.
  • Compatible with White navigation for Android 8.0, enhancing usability and features.
  • Offers a vast library of new design themes, with thousands of layouts and colors.
  • Auto-save themes and create a theme.zip file for easy transfer to other devices.
  • Customize the color of group members’ names for a unique and appealing look.
  • Adds a call FAB to the call screen, not available in the original app.
  • Select from various tick colors for a fresh communication experience.
  • Introduces new bubble styles.
  • Hide your online status for increased privacy.
  • Send up to ten images in one message, compared to the original app’s limit of four.
  • Exceptional file sharing capabilities, allowing you to send files up to 700 MB.
  • Hide the blue tick for more privacy.
  • Customize tick and bubble styles.
  • The default interface color is blue.
  • Send high-quality images by long-pressing the camera button.
  • Personalize the app screen with your name.
  • Pin over 1000 chats for easy access.
  • Use fingerprint lock for chat privacy.
  • Call privacy feature to control who can call you.
  • Change the font style of your name and status.
  • Includes a group message counter.
  • Get notifications when contacts are online.
  • A vast selection of emojis from the library.
  • Set privacy settings for groups and individual chats.
  • Post longer statuses, up to 250 words.
  • Zoom in on profile pictures.
  • Change the app icon according to your preference.
  • All previous bugs are fixed in the new version.

Requirements for Installing YoWhatsApp APK 2024

To install this app, you’ll need:

  • An Android phone.
  • To uninstall the official WhatsApp before installing YoWhatsApp APK.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • Basic understanding to follow the installation steps.
  • The YoWhatsApp APK file already downloaded.

Installing YoWhatsApp APK

  1. Start by turning on your computer.
  2. Connect it to the internet.
  3. Go to Google.com.
  4. Search for ‘download YoWhatsApp APK setup’.
  5. Find the setup on a third-party site and download it.
  6. Before proceeding, uninstall the original WhatsApp on your phone.
  7. Transfer the downloaded setup from your PC to your phone.
  8. Install the setup on your Android phone.
  9. Remember to back up your data before uninstalling WhatsApp.
  10. After installing YoWhatsApp, restore your data.
  11. Now, you’re all set to use YoWhatsApp APK.

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp is crucial in today’s communication world. Being active on the app is almost a necessity. YoWhatsApp takes your favorite app up a notch by adding more features. It offers enhanced privacy and freedom with over 20 additional functions compared to the standard WhatsApp. However, using this modified version comes with risks, including the possibility of getting banned from WhatsApp Plus, leading to potential loss of important data and messages. It’s important to remember that YoWhatsApp is not officially recognized as a legal app. We recommend carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to use YoWhatsApp.


What is Yo WhatsApp?

YoWhatsApp is a modified version of the standard WhatsApp app, offering additional features and customization options.

Yo WhatsApp is a modified version of the standard WhatsApp app, offering additional features and customization options.

YoWhatsApp includes more functionalities like enhanced privacy settings, additional themes, and the ability to send larger files and more images per message.

Is YoWhatsApp available on the Google Play Store?

No, YoWhatsApp is not available on the Google Play Store. It can only be downloaded from third-party websites.

Do I need to uninstall regular WhatsApp to use YoWhatsApp?

Do I need to uninstall regular WhatsApp to use YoWhatsApp?

Can I back up my data from WhatsApp to YoWhatsApp?

Yes, you should back up your data before uninstalling WhatsApp, and you can restore it after installing YoWhatsApp.

What are the risks of using YoWhatsApp?

The main risks include the potential for data loss, privacy issues, and the possibility of getting banned by the official WhatsApp service.

Can I use YoWhatsApp on any Android phone?

YoWhatsApp is compatible with most Android phones, but make sure to check the specific requirements for the app.

How can I download and install YoWhatsApp?

To download YoWhatsApp, search for it on Google and download from a third-party site. Uninstall the original WhatsApp, transfer the YoWhatsApp setup to your phone, and then install it. Remember to back up your data first.

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